[A] To edit counterparty detail, click on the "Network" Module in the left-hand panel. It will show you the list of the counterparties added to your network. Search the Counterparty for which the details have to be edited in the search box.

[B] Click on the “Edit” button(1) to edit the details of the required counterparty.

[C] A new screen will open showing the details of the counterparty like the counterparty is a supplier or a buyer, their addresses, their users, company tags allotted to them, delivery locations, billing addresses, opening balance, business documents, etc. To edit the Details of the Counterparty like the Name, GST, Address click on the Edit Details button(2). 

[D] Do the required changes to be done against the counterparty also the same address can be marked as Billing and Delivery location by ticking the respective checkboxes.

[E] Once all the changes are done click on the Save Details button(3).