[A] Click on Reports on the left-hand panel. In General reports, you will see the Creditors Info report. Click on it.

[B] Once you click on Creditors Info, you will see a few options:

Company Name: You can specify the company name you want to generate the report for
As on Date: You will see this report till the date you specify here
Select Only Pending Payments: You can see pending payments as well as payments that have been made as with this option.

Fill these options according to your requirements and click on "Generate Report"

[C] Using the "Select Columns" (4) option, you can select which columns you want to see.

[D] The "Grouped Data" (5a) button once checked allows you to specify which columns through "Select Groupable Columns" (5b) you want to group data by.

[E] You can search for specific values for any columns through the "Search" (6) fields under the headers The green "Download" (7) button on the top right allows you to download the raw data of the report you generated.

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