[A] On the left-hand panel, click “Reports” (1) to view all reports. Scroll down to see the sales report header. Under it, you will be able to see all sales-related reports. 

[B] In the general section click on the "Creditors Ageing Info" report

[C] Creditors Ageing Info report is based on the following fields:

Company name: The report generated will be generated for a specific company based on the name specified

As on Date: The report will be generated for that company till the date you specify in this field 

[D] Click on "Generate Report" (3) to generate the Debtors info report.

[E] In the report generated, you can use the "Select Columns" (4) field to select the columns you want to see in the report.

[F] You can also do a field-specific search through the "Search" (5) options under the header of every column.

[G] On the right-hand corner, there is a "Download" (6) button to download the raw data used to generate the report.

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