[A] In TranZact, the REPORTS module is useful if the user needs to get a detailed record regarding particular documents.

[B] To access these, simply go to the REPORTS Module.

[C]  General Reports: These include the Transaction Tags Reports, Approval Status Reports, Counter-party Details, etc.

[D] Store: These include GRN Pending Report, GRN/QIR Register, Outward Register, GRN Pending Report (Item-wise), GRN Item-wise Report, Inward Register Report, etc.

[E] Invoice: These include Payment Register Report, Payment Marked Paid, FedEx Report, Logistic Dashboard, Receipt Register, Dispatch Details, etc.

[E] Production: This includes Item BOM Report, Process Details Report, Pending Raw Materials in Sub Contracts, MRP Report, Single Item Production Report, Process Routing Report, Process Details Fabrication, BOM Amendment Report, etc.

[F] Product and Services: These include Negative Stock Report, Cumulative Issuance Report, Item Price Report, Product Price and Inventory Report, Stock Adjustment Report, Item Stage report, Product Ageing Inventory Report, Stock Transfer Report, Rejection Report, Issuance Report, etc.

[G] Purchase: These include Purchase Order (item-wise) Report, GRN/Inward Invoice Mismatch Report, Purchase Invoice Register, Purchase Order Register, Purchase Invoice Register (Item-wise) Report, etc.

[H] Sales: These include Sales Order Register Report, Sales Invoice Register (Item-wise), Sales Invoice Register, Revenue Register, Sales Order (Item-wise) Report, etc.

[I} Accounts: These include debtors' info, creditors info, payment register, receipt register, account payables and receivables etc.

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