[A] To bulk update the opening balance of counter-parties, Go to Payment Module (1), Click on "OTHER ACTIONS"(2).

[B] Select "Opening Balance" (3) from options in the "OTHER ACTIONS" Button.

[C] Opening Balance window will open, click on "Download template (Buyer)" (4)  if Counter-party is Buyer or "Download Template (Supplier)" if counter-party is the supplier. 

[D] You will get an excel file, update the amount for the companies you want to update the opening balance. 

[E] Once the Amount and all other data are filled, click on "Upload File" (5) and attach the excel file here. Finally, click on "SUBMIT FILE" (6), your opening balance is uploaded successfully.

Note: Kindly check and verify all the details as per the format given in excel before uploading.    

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