[A] To send material against sub contract service order, go to the Sub Contract module(1).

[B} Go to the WIP stage(2). Search for the service order for which the material is to be sent. Now click on the Job Work Number(3) next to it

[C} This will open the transaction timeline. Go to Create Document and click on Delivery Challan.

[D] A new page will open. You can either give your own quantity for finished goods and raw materials or copy the quantities from the top right.

[E] Scroll down and click on Next. A new delivery challan page opens. If you had selected "Copy RM Quantity", the raw materials and the quantities will already be entered, else you can enter them separately.

[F] Scroll down and click Save and Send. The Delivery Challan gets created and is shown in the transaction timeline.

Keywords: Sub Con challan, Delivery challan