[A] Go to the "Production" module on the left hand panel. Click on the "Production Order" (1) tab and go to the "WIP" (2) section. 

[B] In the "WIP" section, go to the  "Approved" (3) tab, find the process you are looking for, and click on the relevant process number (4). 

[C] A new page showing the details of the Production Order shows up. In it, click on the "Actions" (5) tab, then click on "FG Testing" (6)

[D] After you click Field Good Testing, you can see a new page showing Finished Good details. Verify the number of finished goods which have been tested and passed, or are sent for repairs or rejected. After that, click on the "Save" (7) button.

[E] The finished goods now need to be approved in the Inventory module (8). need to be approved from the INVENTORY module in order to add the Finished goods to the store's stock. This process is similar to as explained in ISSUING RAW MATERIALS IN A PROCESS section.

[G] After store approval, again navigate to the corresponding process in the PRODUCTION module, open it, click on the ACTIONS button and click on COMPLETE.

[H] A popup showing the brief of items produced and asking for confirmation shows up. Verify the details and click on the CONFIRM button.

[I] After that, the process can be seen in the COMPLETED section of the PRODUCTION ORDER tab in PRODUCTION module, thus confirming that the production is successful.

Keywords: FG Testing, Finished good Testing, Testing