[A] Navigate to PRODUCTION module, PRODUCTION ORDER tab and in it, the PENDING section.

In it, click on the process you want to issue raw materials to.

[C] A new page opens showing the details of the Production Order. In it, click on the ACTIONS button, hover over ACTION and click on RAW MATERIAL.

[D] A new page opens, in which, you have to confirm the number of raw materials that is required for the process from the Inventory.

[E] Click on the small BLUE BUTTON to confirm the entire quantity of raw materials to be assigned, or manually enter the number and click on the SAVE button.

[F] Now, the Process will show in the APPROVAL PENDING tab in the WIP section.

[G] Now, navigate to the INVENTORY module and in it, the APPROVE tab. There, the Process Approval ID will be shown in the PENDING section, click on it

[H] After clicking on it, a new page asking for confirmation of the quantity of the raw materials to be issued shows up. Verify it and click on the APPROVE button.

[I] Now, navigate to the WIP section in the PRODUCTION ORDER tab in the PRODUCTION module.

[J] You can see the process for which raw materials were issued under the APPROVED tab.

Issue raw materials, Raw Materials Issue, Estimate Raw Material