[A] To add New Items to a process that is not present in a Bill of Material (BOM), go to the PRODUCTION module, you will be in the BOM settings window by default.

[B] Go to the PRODUCTION ORDERS tab and click on the PLANNED stage.

[C] Now, you can see the production orders listed. Select the Production Order you want to edit.

[D] Click on the Actions button on the top right corner of the screen, then hover over EDIT and select MATERIAL.

[E] A new page opens, which has the details of the raw materials required for making the particular finished good.

[F] Under the RAW MATERIALS section, you can click on the ADD ITEM button to add a new raw material that may not be previously specified in the BOM for the finished goods being produced.

[G] After clicking on it, a popup window asking for the details of the raw material shows up.

[H]Select the Raw material required by either entering its ITEM ID or its Item Description. Enter the quantity of the selected raw material required to make the Finished Goods being produced and click on the SAVE button.

[I] The raw material will be added to the list.

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