[A] Go to the PRODUCTION module. By clicking on it, you will be in the BOM settings tab.

[B] Click on the WORK ORDERS tab. In this section, click on the OPEN tab below and then select the work order you want to convert into a process by clicking on the checkbox against it.

[C] Click on the CREATE PRODUCTION button on the right side. 

[D] A modal asking for confirmation and showing details pops up. Type the number of items to be produced or leave it undisturbed if you are going to make full production and click on next.

[E] A new page will open, showing a train of processes and the details of the item to be produced.

Click on the CREATE PROCESS blob and then click on the SUBMIT button.

[G] A new page showing the details of the product being produced and specifying its BOM details including raw materials, routing, and scrap (if any), etc. shows up. Click on the SAVE button to push the selected Work Order into a Production Order.

[H] The Saved Production order can be found in the PLANNED Section of the PRODUCTION ORDER tab in the PRODUCTION module.

Keywords: Work Order to Process, Create Process for work Order