[A] Barcode number helps to assign a batch to the finished goods. Once the barcode number is added to a lot, we can easily keep track of the batch in the inventory. To add a barcode number to the production order, follow the below steps:

[B] In the Production module, go to the production order for which the barcode is to be added.

[C] Click on Actions(1) and then on Barcode Number(2).

[D] Click on Add next to an approval ID

[E] Add the details such as barcode number, manufacturing and expiry dates etc. next to the respective items. The barcode number is now added.

[F] We can assign barcode number for the finished product and for raw material we can request for raw material from a particular batch using barcode which was already assigned to that batch while adding that stock through GRN.

Keywords: Bar Codes, Barcode Number