[A] Click on “Transactions” tab on the left side panel. Search for the Purchase Order you want to raise an invoice against and click on it.

[B] In the transaction timeline, click on the “Create Document” button on the right side of the screen.

[C] A menu slides in from the right edge of the screen with a few options.

[D] Click on “Tax Invoice” to generate a Tax Invoice.

[E] Enter the details of the Tax Invoice as per your requirements. Some of the details will be pre-fetched in the Tax Invoice.

[F] After you enter the details, you can either click on “Save Draft” to save it as a Draft or “Save and Send” to create it. When you click “Save and Send”, a confirmation popup appears with the invoice summary. Click on “Yes” to create an invoice.

[G] After the Tax Invoice is generated, it will show in the transaction timeline

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