[A] Go to the "Transactions" tab on the left-hand panel. In the next page, search for your Transaction either from the list visible on the screen or the "Search" bar. Click on the Transaction once you find it.

[B] On clicking the transaction, the Transaction timeline opens up. In the timeline, select the "Tax Invoice" (1) for which you want to create a Credit Note. Click on it.

[C] On the Tax Invoice screen, click on the "Other Actions" (1) button on the top right corner and click on "Credit Note" (2).

[D] A form for creating the Credit Note opens up with some pre-populated data. Fill in the other details based on your requirements.

Note: Details marked with a red asterisk (*)  are mandatory and will need to be updated before you can create the Credit Note. 

[E] After filling the form, scroll down and click on "Save Draft" to save the form or click on "Save and Send " to save and send the Credit Note. Once you click on "Save and Send", a popup asking you to confirm the creation of a Credit Note opens up. Click on "Yes" to confirm creating the Credit Note.

[F] Once you confirm, the Credit Note will be created and will also be updated in the Transaction timeline.

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