[A] Go to Transactions Module by clicking on “Transactions” module. On the transaction window, search for the transaction to which you want to create a Delivery Challan.

[B] Select and open the particular Transaction, then click on the “Create Document” button as displayed at the right side.

[C] In doing so, a small menu will slide in from the right side. Under which click on the “Delivery Challan” button.

[D] A new Delivery challan filled with all the details of the order will open up. All the details of the Order Confirmation will get auto-fetched. Fill in the other mandatory changes marked with a red asterisk (*). And if there are other changes required the same can be done.

[E] Now, click on the “Save Draft” to save it as a draft or “Save and Send” to save and send the Delivery Challan. Once it is Save and Sent, a request will be sent to the store to reduce the stock from the inventory.

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