[A] Unfortunately, we can not add items in bulk from the front end. but we have a solution for this issue, you can create an excel file for the items need to be added in the system and we will update the same in your profile within 24 hr.

[B] To update this list from the back end, our technical team has fixed the header for the excel file and the header are as below:

"ItemID, Product Name, Type (Buy/Sell/Both), Unit, Category, Price, Counter-party code, HSN Code, Min SL, Max SL, Stock. Tax Id, Is Service (1)"

[C] In the above header first four headers are mandatory that means which that information we can not add items in TranZact.

[D] Now you have header please create the list of an item need to add in TranZact and share it with our live chat support we will get it updated withing 24 hours

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