[A] While editing counterparty details in your network you must have seen the reference id field and you might have wonder where this field is fetched and how to works, to know this check the below points.

[B] If we add a reference id for a counterparty it helps us to select the correct counterparty while creating documents.

[C] Suppose you have added two counterparties with the same name in your network and while creating the document if you search that name both the counterparties will show up in the search result.

[D] If you click on the first company and the reference id is added for that company it will show below the company name, here as you can see I have added the city name in the reference field to differentiate two counterparties with the same name.

[E] You can add any text you want in that field, the system will give you an extra check that we are selecting the right counterparty while creating the documents.

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