[A] To create a Purchase Order (PO) from Request For Quotation (RFQ) you must have SQ punched against that RFQ if that is already created please check from [D] point.

And in order to punch the SQ, go to the “Quotations” module and open the RFQ against which the SQ has to be punched.

[B] Scroll down and click on the yellow button(1) under the firm for which the SQ has to be punched.

[C] Enter the required details of the SQ. In the bottom-right, click “Save and Send”(2).

[D] To create a PO, go to the RFQ document and click “view”(3) under the concerned firm’s name.

[E] In the punched SQ, click on “Other actions”(4) in the top right. Now click on “Generate PO”(5). After entering all details, click Save and Send. The PO is generated.

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