[A] In case of a credit limit approval rule, we specify the name of the company, the document type, the upper bound and the permission to option.

[B] For eg. there is a company for which you have a credit limit (eg Rs. 10000) and the document type is sales invoice.

[C] Now if any sales invoice for this company is created and the value is over Rs. 100000, that document will be sent to approvals. Consider the below example.

[D] If you now create a sales invoice worth 110000 for "New Buyer", approval will be requested from Akhil Nathani before the document is created. You can add multiple companies to the same rule.

[E] This rule will not work if the amount of the document is less than the credit amount.

[F] This rule will also consider previous balances. ex - Suppose for the above rule if we first create an invoice of 90000 then system will not send that invoice for approval and after that, if we create the invoice of 20000 then system will send that invoice to approval as total this invoice amount and the previous pending amount will breach the credit limit.

Keywords: Credit Limite, Approval Rules

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