[A} Yes you can fix the payment term for a particular counterparty in TranZact. This can be done by Vendor Mapping.

[B} Go to the Inventory module(1). In the Items tab(2) go to Actions(3). Click on Vendor Mapping.

[C} Scroll down to Payment Terms Mapping. All the counterparties whose payment terms have been fixed are displayed in a list. Click on Download and download the Excel sheet in order to add companies in this list.

[D} Open the Excel sheet. Add new information like the payment terms and the company name under the respective columns. Save and close the Excel sheet.

P.S. - Please make sure the company you are adding in this excel sheet should have same name in TranZact and payment term you are adding is also added in your profile.

[E} Click on the Attachments sign and upload the same Excel sheet.

[F} Click on Validate Data. All changes made will now be reflected in the new documents that you create.

Keywords: Vendor mapping, payment terms mapping

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