[A} Yes you can fix the rate of a particular item for a particular customer in TranZact. This can be done by Vendor Mapping.

[B} Go to the Inventory module(1). In the Items tab(2) go to Actions(3). Click on Vendor Mapping(4).

[C} Under Product Mapping, Click on Download and download the Excel sheet.

[D} Open the Excel sheet. Add new information like the Item ID, Company name, counterparty code(if any) and price under their respective columns. Save and close the Excel sheet.

[E} Click on the Attachments sign and upload the same Excel sheet.

[F} Click on Validate Data. All changes made will now be reflected in the new documents that you create.

[G] If any error is shown or row highlighted with a red colour that means there is a mismatch in the data of excel sheet and data in TranZact, hence make sure the data you are adding into excel file should be an exact match with the TranZact data.

Keywords: Vendor mapping, product mapping

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