[A] To cut TDS against the invoice, go to Payments module (1). Select "Category" as Document (2), "Type" as Counter-Party (3), Select "Status" as Receivables or Payables (4) depending on your Transaction type of which TDS is to be cut from Invoice.

[B] Search the invoice and Tick mark (5) the invoice for which TDS is to be cut. Click on "OTHER ACTIONS" (6).

[C} Once you click on "OTHER ACTIONS", Select "Split item(s)" from the options.

[C] A modal with Split Details will be opened. In "Split Options" Tick mark the TDS (1).

[D] Enter the TDS Percentage (2). The amount gets calculated automatically. Then click on "save" (3). The TDS has been cut from the Invoice.

Keywords: TDS cut against Invoice, Split item(s), Split Payment(s).

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