[A] Adhoc invoices in TranZact means that you can create an invoice on Adhoc level without adding the counterparty in your network

[B] Sometimes happen that customer just walk in and buy the product from you and you don't have proper details of that customer which we required to create a counterparty in TranZact, in this case, Adhoc invoice is the best option to create the invoice.

[C] To create an Adhoc invoice, go to the Transactions module(1) and click on New Transaction(2).

[D] Click on Adhoc Invoice and click Submit.

[E] The form for Adhoc Invoice opens. It is a little different compared to the usual tax invoice because you have to enter the details of the buyer on your own.

[F] Other functions like adding items, taxes, and other charges are the same. Once done, click on Save and Send or Save Draft as required. Adhoc Invoice will be created.

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