[A] In the new transaction dashboard you can segregate the transactions using multiple filters, below is the list of filters.

Documents - Choose between purchase and sales transaction

Type - Choose between transaction types like transaction of good, service or sub-contract.

Filter - Choose between live and draft transactions

Tags - Filtered your transactions based on tags attached to them

[B] As you have noticed that you can not see tags and status of the transaction in the dashboard, In order to add it in the dashboard click on options and then select the Tags & Status as shown below.

[C] Now we have multilevel search & sorting option in transaction dashboard.

[D] One more interesting feature you must check is "Add Tags", using this feature you can attach tags directly from the dashboard as well as you can attach tags to multiple transactions in one go.

[E] In order to check it, click on options again and select "Check Box", now you will be able to select the transactions as one column added in left.

[F] Now select the desired transactions and click on options >> add tags. Now select the tag that needs to be attached and click on the "Save" button.

[G] Also now you can open the initiator document of the transaction directly from the dashboard.

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