[A] If you have added the counterparty in Network and unable to see it while creating Purchase Order(PO), please check the counterparty type in the network.

[B] To check the counterparty type go to "Network" module and search the company name, as in this case we will search "Zaffer" and check the type.

[C] As you can see "Zaffer" is added as Buyer that means you can only create a sales document for them.

[D] To change counterparty type click on the edit(pencil) icon present besides counterparty name and click on EDIT DETAILS. 

[E]  Now change the type to Supplier and click on SAVE DETAILS. 

[F] You have successfully changed the counterparty type, now you can create the Purchase Order(PO).

Keywords- company not showing while creating PO, supplier not showing

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