[A] In order to create the BOM, go to "Production" module from left-hand panel and click on "Add BOM"

[B] Enter the BOM name and search the finished good for which you are creating BOM in finished good field. you can search by both item id and Item name.

[C] Add raw material which used to create the above mentioned finished good, to add more raw material click on "Add Item" option. after adding the raw material add the quantity against that material which is required to create one finished good.

[D] You can also add "Routing" and "Scrap" if you have defined it in your system.

[E] After doing that, if you know different cost to create one finished good you can add them in "Other Charges" option.

[F] After adding all the data verify it once and click on "Save" to save your BOM.

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