[A] Click on the “Network” Module in the left-hand panel.

[B] In the Network page, click on the + Add Company button(1).

[C] A screen will be displayed where the Company email and the user Email has to be entered. Click on the Check Company(2) button after entering the Email Id’s.

[D] If the email Id is not in the TranZact network, a new screen will appear where you can enter details about the company. Select the Counterparty as a supplier or as a buyer and also Enter the Complete details of the Counterparty. Note that if the address of the company is the same as billing address or delivery address, you can click on their respective checkboxes(3 and 4).

[E] Once all details are entered, click on “Create Company” at the bottom. The company gets added to your network.

[F] If after step [C] the company is found to be already in the TranZact network, its details are displayed. Click on “View Profile And Invite” to send an invitation to the company. Once it accepts the invitation, it will be added to your network. Note: In case the company is already a part of your network, the option shown will be “View Profile”(5) as shown below:

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