Advance payment and punching Advance Receipt Voucher (ARV) in a Purchase Transaction:

[A]  Go to the "Transactions" tab on the left-hand panel. Search for your   Transaction either from the list visible on the screen or the "Search" bar. Click on the Transaction once you find it.

[B] In the transaction timeline, click on “CREATE DOCUMENT” button(1). A menu slides in from the right edge of the screen. 

[C]  Click on the “Receipt Voucher” from the Menu.


[D] After that, RECEIPT VOUCHER form is opened. Item details will get fetched from the PO. Fill the advance details in the form.

[E] After that, you can either click on “SAVE AS DRAFT” or “SAVE AND SEND" button to perform the respective actions.

[F] After clicking on “SAVE AND SEND”, a popup window to fill the Payment details will open.

[G]  Fill all the necessary details and click on "CONTINUE” 

[H]  Advance payment details in the form of Receipt Voucher will be visible in the timeline.

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