[A] Go to Transactions Module and search for that particular Transaction you want to amend. Click on that “Purchase Order” to open it.

[B] After opening the PO, click on the “OTHER ACTIONS”(1) button on the top right of the screen then select“CANCEL” (2).

[C] After that, click on the “CONFIRM” button in the popup to cancel the PO.

[D] Once cancelled, click on “OTHER ACTIONS”(3) button again and click on “AMEND PO”(4).

[E] Now, you can make the necessary changes/amendments and click on “save as draft” or “save & send” to save PO.

[F] Both cancelled and amended PO will be visible in the transaction timeline.

Keywords: Amend Purchase Order (PO), Change Purchase Order (PO), Edit Purchase Order (PO)

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