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[A] Click on “Settings”(1) in the user panel on your left.

[B] On the next screen, select the “Users” (2) tab on the top right corner of the screen. You should now see “User/Team” below the main tabs.

[C] On the bottom right corner of the screen you see an option to “+Add Member” (3) option, using this option you can add new members to the various teams.

[D] You can also add or edit team members from the same screen by clicking on the edit option under the “Action” (4)  column.

[E] To add a new team goes to the “Teams” (5) Tab.  

[F] Select“+Add Team” (6) to add a new team to the system.  

[G] To edit/delete a team, select the “+Edit Team” (7) button. 

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