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[A] Go to Transactions Module and search for that particular Transaction you want to revise. Click on that particular transaction to open it.

[B] On the transaction timeline, click on the Service Confirmation document. After clicking on the Service Confirmation document, click on the “Other Actions” button displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

[C] Select “Cancel”. On clicking “Cancel” a confirmation pop-up will appear to confirm the cancel action. Click “Confirm” to cancel the Service Confirmation.

[D] Again, click on the “Other Actions”, and click “Amend SC” to make changes.

[E] Make the required changes in the SC.

[F] Now, click “Save and Send” or “Save Draft” button displayed at the right bottom of the screen.

Keywords: Amend Service Confirmation (SC), Edit Service Confirmation (SC), Change Service Confirmation (SC)

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