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[A] Go to Transactions Module by clicking on “Transactions” module. Click on the “+New Transaction” button as displayed at the top right corner.

[B] In doing so, a small window will slide in from the right side. Under which click on the “Service Confirmation”(1) button, enter the company name in the text box(2) and click on the “Submit” button(3).

[C] Fill up the necessary details marked with a red asterisk (*) such as Title, SO Number, Delivery Date, SO Date, Place of Supply, Payment Term, Item Id & Item Description (only services will get auto-fetched) and also fill up the other additional information as necessary.

[D] Scroll down to add the number of finished good items, item quantity, per unit price, Tax & HSN details will get auto-fetched from the Masters, and information about Logistics Terms and T&C will get auto-fetched from the Settings.

[E] Now, click on the “Save Draft” to save it as a draft or “Save and Send” to save and send the Service Confirmation. Now, it will be shown on the transaction timeline.

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