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[A] In order to save documents as PDFs, log into TranZact and click on the “All Documents” module in the left-hand panel.

[B] In it, click on the “Documents” button (1) on the top right corner of the screen and select the desired document from the drop-down list to save as PDF.

[C] Select the type of document (sent or received) from the top left corner of the screen (2). You can also set the "Filter"(3) as all pending, overdue, cancelled etc. A particular document can also be searched by entering details like document number, counter-party, status etc. in the respective search bars(4).

[D] Depending on these selected filters, a list of documents will be displayed below. Click on the document number of the required document.

[E] The document is displayed on the next screen. Go to "Other Actions" and click on "Print".

[F] Once you click on Print, a print window will open, Select destination as "save as PDF" and then click "save".

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