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[A] This may happen because you do not have the necessary permissions. You have to request your management team to give you the permissions for a view/send/edit sales quotation.

[B] These steps are to be followed (for management team only):

[C] Go to the “Settings” module(1) in the left-hand side panel.

[D] In the upper right side, click on the “Users” tab(2). Just below it, click on the “Teams” tab(3) just below it. Click on the team for which the permission is to be given(4).

[E] On this screen, click on the “Permissions” tab(5) on the top right. It will display a list of permissions. Click on the checkboxes next to the permissions that are to be given(6). Now click “Save”(7).

[F] Now the modules/settings/reports are available to the Sales team. The same procedure can be followed for each and every team in your company.

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