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[A] Log into TranZact and click on the “Production” Module (1) in the left-hand panel. 

[B] In the “Production Order” tab (2), go to the “Pending” stage (3) section and open the process you want to outsource (4).

[C] In that production order, click on the “Actions” button (5) and click on “Outsource” (6).

[D] After clicking on “Outsource”, click on the “Sub Contract” Module (7) in the left hand panel. You will see the process number you outsourced under the “Pending” (8) section.

[E] Select the process by clicking on the check box (9), click on the “Actions” button (10) and click on “Send Order” (11) in the drop-down list.

[F] A popup box will show, in which you have to select the name of the company you want to send the Service Order to.

[G] After selecting the company (12), click on the “Send” button (13). A service order will be sent to the selected company.

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