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[A] To create a child BOM, click on the “Production” Module. This will open the production page.

[B] Click on “+Add BOM” button to create a new BOM. Here, fill in the required details for the main Item BOM and add raw materials, semi finished goods required to make the main Item. 

[C] Now click on the “Branch” icon on the right side of the item details for a raw material/semi-finished good as shown in the below image to create a child BOM.

[D] A new window will popup. Now the BOM number will be auto fetched if a BOM for the same exists in the system.

[E] Otherwise click on create BOM (2) option to create a new BOM.

[F] By doing so, a new BOM creation page will open. Fill the required details and click on the Save button (3). Thus your child BOM will be created.

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