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Log into TranZact and click on “Inventory” Module (1) on the left hand panel. 

[B] In the Inventory page, you can see an “Actions” button (2) on the left side. On clicking it, a dropdown will show.

[C] In the dropdown list, click on “Vendor Mapping” (3).

[D] After clicking on Vendor Mapping, the “Settings” module will be opened which will show the Product Mapping feature.

[E] Click on the “Download” button (1) on the right side of the end of the list. It will download an Excel sheet.

[F] In that Excel sheet, you have to fill in the Item ID, Counterparty name and the Price of the respective items for the respective counterparty.

[G] Save the sheet and go to TranZact, and click on the U-Clip icon on the left side of the list to attach the saved Excel sheet.

[H] After uploading the sheet, click on the “Validate Data” button (2).

[I] Once validated, your vendor mapping is done.

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