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First of all, you have to request your management team to give you the permissions for a particular module/report/settings.
[B]Once the permission is granted then please follow these steps (for management team  only).
[C] Go to “Settings” Module (1) in your TranZact profile.
[D] Select the “Users” tab (2)  at the upper right corner.
[E] Now switch to the “Teams” tab next to the “Users” tab (3). And select the particular team for which you have to give the permissions.

[F] For example, the permissions for  “Sales” team, in this case are shown (4).

[G] Here you can see the list of users in this particular team. Now click on the         “Permissions” tab (5) next to the “Users” tab at the upper right corner of the screen.

[H] As you can see no permissions are allowed to this team. Now you can select the   required permissions to allow users to view the modules/settings/reports by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. 

[I] After giving the required permission to the Sales team, save this setting by   selecting the “Save” tab at the upper right corner.

[J] Now the modules/settings/reports are available to the Sales team. The same       procedure can be followed for the other teams in your company.

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